ECO Shield High-End Keramikbeschichtung - Liquid Elements
  • ECO Shield High-End Keramikbeschichtung - Liquid Elements
  • ECO Shield High-End Keramikbeschichtung - Liquid Elements

Ceramic Coating «ECO Shield High-End» LE

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Product Safety



➦ High-end ceramic coating
➦ Color and gloss intensifying (matt surfaces are only color-intensification, there is no gloss)
➦ Provides protection of up to 2 years
➦ Easy and user-friendly handling
➦ Strongly water-repellent properties
➦ Hardness: 8.5H

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Data sheet

Product type
Paint Protection
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Areas of use

Applied to all conceivable surfaces such as:

✓ ➤ Gloss lacquered surfaces
✓ ➤ Matt lacquered surfaces
✓ ➤ Gloss foiled surfaces
✓ ➤ Matt foiled surfaces
✓ ➤ glass
✓ ➤ plexiglass
✓ ➤ unpainted plastic
✓ ➤ Plastic parts in the interior
✓ ➤ lacquered plastic
✓ ➤ metal
✓ ➤ chromium
✓ ➤ aluminium
✓ ➤ All kinds of rims

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Before application, the paint should be washed to the best possible condition, kneaded and prepared. Of course, each user can define the best possible condition for himself, it depends on the individual satisfaction. After polishing, the paint should be degreased again with IPA. The application can then begin.

  1. ➡ Scatter application wipes around an applicator block yellow and dribble 5-6 drops of Eco Shield on it.
  2. ➡ On an area of approx. 80x80cm neatly distribute, so that a closed layer forms.
  3. ➡ Leave on for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes (depending on temperature and humidity).
  4. ➡ With an eraser microfiber cloth carefully remove all residues so that nothing is visible on the paint.
  5. ➡ If necessary, repeat the process after 30min (max three layers possible)
  6. ➡ After 30 minutes, another layer of Eco Shield can be applied

We recommend 2-3 layers to ensure optimal performance and long service life. After the last shift, the product should "harden" for at least 8 hours and not be exposed to external influences. Our recommendation: Do not use the paint for at least 12-24 hours and park the car dry.

In humid weather conditions, the ventilation time can be slightly extended after application or between the layers.

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  • Only use in well-lit rooms to ensure residue-free removal
  • 50ml are sufficient for about 3 - 9 vehicles depending on the number of shifts.
  • Do not apply on hot surfaces
  • Protect against frost
  • Open for about 2 years with cool storage (recommended in the refrigerator or in the basement)
  • The ambient temperature during application and curing should be at least +10°C, optimal are 20°C

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Manufacturer's product description

The Eco Shield from Liquid Elements is the market leader in the field of ceramic coatings.The ceramic coating is easy to apply and offers a service life of up to 2 years (with 2 layers) depending on the stress. It is a solvent-free (VOC-Free) formula, which means that only the pure active ingredient is used here. A mixture of silicon and carbon components ensures an extremely resistant coating, which can be applied to paint, glass, foil, metal as well as to unpainted plastics and all other conceivable surfaces. The included sealant provides an incredible depth of color, as well as a very nice shine. However, no artificial gloss is created, so the Eco Shield can also be applied without hesitation to matte paints or matte films without creating artificial gloss. Due to excellent water-repellent properties during beading (water beading behavior) and  sheeting (water drainage behavior), as well as the excellent protective properties, the Eco Shield is particularly distinguished.

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